The Source of Truth for Security Operations
Analyst, Incident Responders, Threat Hunters & Data Scientist
Consolidate & Converge Your Security Silos
One Security Data Lake for all Users, Tools, Search & Analytics
Complete Alert, Event & APT Visibility
Less Art, More Science!
One-Click Search, Correlation & Pivoting
Complete Context from Packets, Netflow, BRO and Logs
One Security Data Lake
On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid

Today’s Security Operations Center,
Data Scientist & Advanced Analytic Vendors Require a Security Data Lake that can…

Capture & Ingest all network, virtual, cloud and machine data onto one security data platform on-premise or on-cloud thereby eliminating the inefficiencies and waste of today’s siloed security.

Converge & Consolidate all security data, infrastructure and service management onto an open and extensible platform to power and modernize all security tools, applications & analytics…like Salesforce did for CRM.

Reduce the Complexity & Cost of security by converging, consolidating and modernizing the entire security stack onto an open and extensible data platform that is simple to use and requires no big data, search or cloud expertise.

CDL Delivers the Industry’s First Open & Extensible
Security Data Lake Platform for the…

CISO, CIO, CRO & Board of Directors

Consolidate Tools, Data & Security for Better ROI & SOC Performance

CDL transforms the economics and performance of cybersecurity by consolidating the capture, storage and compute for all tools and analytic solutions. Now you can answer the boards questions with full context and have a plan to support and modernize your organizations security.

SOC Analyst, Incident, Responders & Threat Hunters

Get alert, event and threat answers and the context you need with one-click

CDL Integrates with the alerts and events coming from your IDS/ IPS and SIEM to provide one-click search and correlation for fast and full context results. CDL makes threat investigation, hunting and forensics fun because you get answers for faster kill-chain response.

NOC, IT Ops & Dev Ops

Application and Network Performance, Charge Back & Troubleshooting

CDL makes it possible for the NOC and IT Ops to have complete visibility of applications on the network and provide performance and troubleshooting capabilities powered by big data.


Gain one view from your security tools

CDL makes it possible for you to consolidate all of your security tool metadata into one compute platform and develop custom dashboards to gain complete visibility so that you can meet regulatory requirements faster and empower your organization.

Data Scientist

One Platform to Power Your Machine Learning & Algorithms

Whether you use Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW), Zeppelin, Jupytr. H2O AI or Spark you can now easily access the data you need when you need using CDL. No need to ask IT for your own advanced analytic platform and no cluster management too!

Security Tool & Advanced Analytic Vendors

CDL’s Open Data Model Plus (ODM+) Connects Data to any Analytics

CDL breaks the security data silo model and provides all security vendors with an open and
extensible platform to capture, transform, parse, search and store the data you need to drive
your analytics without compute and storage waste and inefficiencies.

How CDL Works

CDL is a proprietary data lake solution capable of ingesting at any scale all network, virtual, event and logs into a low cost, high performance on- premise or cloud security data lake platform that is capable of indexing, cataloging, storing, analyzing, searching, correlating and analyzing all security data for all users and solutions thereby simplifying and consolidating the security operations center and delivering hard and soft cost savings of more than 50% for the SOC, data scientist and vendors too.

The CDL Performance, Scalability & Cost Advantage

Unlocking the Power of Network, Event,
Log & Siloed Security On-Premise, Cloud & Hybrid


The network does not lie and having a full-fidelity copy of a high value host, segment, zone or even the entire network for search, correlation and advanced analytics means that your team can respond quickly and with full context.


Stop wasting 40% of your SOC’s time trying to find the raw context behind your alerts, events and threats when you can more quickly and easily investigate using CDL with its one-click packet, netflow and BRO search and advanced correlation.


CDL democratizes your data for use by any user, application, security vendor or data scientist to perform gigabyte to petabyte forensics on-premise or in cloud providing ultimate flexibility and ROI.


It makes no sense to continue the security silo model for UEBA and advanced analytics so don’t do it. Use CDL as your modern security data hub to reduce your capture, compute and storage cost for any security vendors analytic software.


CDL solves the alert, event and threat context problem challenging every SOC, NOC, Data Scientist and security vendor by providing raw PCAP data to pivot through to determine what really is going on, what has been breached and what the actual exposure is from the attack.


Your vendors shouldn’t own your data for security, you should. With CDL you are in complete control of your data and can decide how long and where you will keep it and most importantly what users and vendors can access and use it.


When a new malware is discovered be the first to answer the question, “Were we infected, when and what is our exposure” using the power of CDL Replay for packet malware forensics. CDL replay also integrates with Wireshark for better deep packet inspection threat hunting, forensics and incident response.


CDL will transform the efficiency and workflow of your SOC Analyst, incident responders, data scientist and vendors by breaking your security silos and democratizing your data like CRM does for sales and marketing organizations.

What Security Experts are Saying About CDL

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